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Lockdown project in aid of the mental health charity Mind

Hi and welcome to my photography website! There are four galleries on Jordan, Astrophotography, black & white and colour. The latter two have the following categories: landscape, people & environment, living the view, wildlife, urban and patterns & form. There is also a page covering a photobook project I undertook during the Covid-19 pandemic raising funds (£12,500) for Mind, the UK's largest mental health charity.

I am learning much about astrophotography, the techniques, settings and especially patience needed - sitting in a remote and cold place in the early hours whilst my camera takes 200+ images of 15-20 seconds each does require some resilience! Here is a one minute timelapse of a few nights spent observing the skies.




























Black and white photography has also become something of a passion. The tones of grey from black to white can bring out the senses of contrast and shadows, emphasise shapes and lines, and create a stronger connection to an image. "When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes. When you photograph people in black and white you photograph their souls", Ted Grant.

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